"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for Super Station Adventures Episode 3: Race, if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

Narrator: One day at the Super Station,

Percy: Thomas?

Thomas: Yes Percy?

Percy: Let's have a race!

Thomas: Ok.

(Thomas and Percy go down the ramps, both cheering)

Harold: Everyone Wins!

Bertie: How about a race between me and you, Thomas?

Thomas: Ok, Bertie.

(Thomas and Bertie both go down the ramp)

Harold: Everyone Wins again!

Cranky (Connie): Can you get out of my face please?

???: How about a race against me...

Thomas: Who Said That?

???: I did, Jackson Storm, fastest vehicle in the world.

Thomas: But your so wide you can't even fit on the tracks! You'll fall off the slope within 2 seconds!

Jackson: I can manage...

Thomas: Well, Okay, if you say so...

(Thomas goes down the ramp)

Jackson: Yeah just watch me go w- Oh!

(Jackson falls off the ramp)

Narrator: After that huge incident, Jackson Storm was sent back to where he came from and the Super Station was Peaceful again.

(Video Ends)