"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for I was Bored 7, if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

(Please Note that Sponsors aren't gonna be listed here, just to make sure no one gets mad.)

Duck: Duplication Devices, Oh Dear.

Fanofthomas31: Helping Hiro!

Hiro: Help!

(Hiro Crashes)

Thomas: Better Luck Next Time Bertie!

(Bertie Flys Over Thomas)

Bertie: Nyooooom.

(Bertie lands on the other side)

Thomas: What?

(Alan Goes out of the Tunnel)

Fanofthomas31: Oops! Look who it is!

Molly (Trackmaster): Oh hey, It's you again.

Molly (RC): Yeah...

Molly (Trackmaster): I'm not talking to you.

Molly (RC): Not talking to you either.

Henry: Is she staring at me?

Gordon: Got Milk?

(Gordon slams into a milk train)

Fanofthomas31: The Ago Of Tomy, When they actually put effort into their engines.

Fanofthomas31: What Is the Magic Railroad Company?

Toby: S.C.Ruffey, eh? I want Henrietta.

Fanofthomas31: Suddenly, Logs.

Bill: Stinky Laundry! Stinky Laundry!

Freddie: I had a bigger role, and still, people wanted Smudger back.

Rusty: Hi! I'm Rusty!

(Rusty Bangs into Rheneas)

Rheneas: Rusty!

Mavis: Mavis!

Fanofthomas31: In the future, there will be a youtuber with the username "Neville33010".

Thomas: Did you guys know, that in Season 21, Rosie will be the Number 37, and coincidentally, she was the 37th Standard Gauge Engine to be introduced in the TV Show!

Fanofthomas31: It's a cat! Hi cat!

Toby: I have a new shoulder buddy!

Small Blue Engine: How did i get here?

Bertie: I guess these videos progressively get less and less funny, don't they?

Buster: No more ideas! Vroom Vroom!

(Buster flings and lands on his wheels)

Buster: I landed on my wheels, again!

(Video Ends)