"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for I was Bored 5 (1,200 Subscriber Special), if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

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Narrator/Fanofthomas31: It was a Beautiful Day on the Island of Sodor an-

Mavis: I'm Mavis!

Narrator/Fanofthomas31: Mavis! What are you doing here?

Mavis: I wanted some screen time!..... And that's pretty much my only excuse.

Narrator/Fanofthomas31: But shouldn't you be at the Quarry?

Mavis: Yes, but I'm Mavis! And I have free will, and i can do whatever i want!

(Mavis dashes down the rails, tipping the camera)

Mavis: Mavis!

Toby: Mavis you get back to the Quarry right now!

Mavis: No your not the boss of me!

Toby: I'm like 6 years older than you!

Mavis: That doesn't make you my boss.

Toby: Sir Topham Hatt put me in charge.. of you.

Mavis: So? He's not here, and where's the proof that he put you in charge?

Toby: You actually have a good point there, eeh. I'm gone.

(Victor jumps the bridge, saying something but the landing sound blocks it)

Fanofthomas31: Cat fight!

(One of Fanofthomas31's cats lay on the track)

Fanofthomas31: And then he lays on the track.

(Hiro puts on his brakes, making a noise, but softly stops when he hits Fanofthomas31's cat)

Hiro: Mrrrrh!!

Fanofthomas31: How do you like my Sodor Steamworks layout?

Salty: Why don't we never see you on any trains, matey?

Black Troublesome Truck: That's because I'm retired, I'm now used as a tripod.

Edward: I'm going to try this.

(Edward starts going along the rails)

Edward: I'm actually doing it! I'm going along the tracks! Yaaaay!

(Edward brakes down)

Edward: What happened?

Edward's Driver: It appears you have cracks in your boiler Edward.

Edward: Aaaaaaw!

Kevin: Here's some trivia for you, in the Thomas and Friends episode "Kevin The Steamie", in the original storyboard, Peter Sam, Sir Handel AND Duke were going to appear. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said Duke.

Emily: I have run out of ideas.

(Video Ends)