"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for I was Bored 4 (1,100 Subscriber Special), if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

(Ashima goes past a shed and Toad)

Toad: Mr. Oliver!

(Toad goes over to the shed and bangs on the door)

Toad: Oliver! Oliver! Olive! Olive! Olive!

Skaroley: Wrong Shed.

Toad: aaaah!

(Toad gets flung)

Oliver: Toad!

Yong Bao: Hoy-Yah! To the rescue!

(Yong Bao lands next to Toad, Fergus teleports to the Turntable in the next scene.)

Narrator: Meanwhile...

Unnamed Caboose: Elijah I think someone is following us.

Elijah (Engine): He probably wants to get his dirty little buffers on my special load.

Rickety: My name's Rickety! (shakes)

Unnamed Caboose: Oh no I think he's catching up to us!

(Freida crashes trucks on Diesel, which he derails)

Unnamed Caboose: Thanks Frieda!

Frieda: My name is Frieda!

(Ashima goes up a hill, a bridge comes up, picks up Ashima, and lowers. Ashima continues. She stops. Culdee turns around on the Turntable and goes up to Ashima. Random scenes flash through, showing different engines and boats. Fanofthomas31 laughs when the camera goes to Culdee's rear face.)

Ashima: Would you like to do something fun tomorrow?

(Culdee backs up)

Streamlined Thomas: That's what happens.

(70th Anniversary Thomas goes down the ramp and explodes)

Small Thomas Plushie: Well that was bad.

(Video Ends)