"I'm going to script the 1st episode, which will be about these 2 engines..."
This is the Script for I was Bored, if there's any dialog or scenes missing, please add them.

(Thomas jumps the bridge 2 times, but Philip slams into the water)


Philip: The water is actually quite shallow over here

(what seems to be a log or barrel hits Philip)

Philip: Aaaaa!

Thomas: It fills you with DETERMINATION! Flying Scotsman! Do you feel determined?

Flying Scotsman: I'm the Flying Scotsman!

Thomas (Normal Revolution): Can we all just agree on the fact that were really excited that Trackmaster is releasing a Jerome?

Thomas Hoard: Yeah.

Fanofthomas31: Spoiler Alert! Next in Island Tales I'm gonna introduce 2 new characters, Cameron & Carman!

Jerry: Sometimes it gets really boring that I can only move around in an oval.

Marvin: You should be lucky that you can even move at all! I'm just an static model!

Jerry: Well yeah, but Alan gets to move wherever he wants cause he's on actual rails.

Marvin: Oh yeah.

Fanofthomas31: Suddenly a cat.

Spencer: Gordon i'm so grand because now I have 2 tenders!

Gordon: No I don't think 2 tenders makes you grand, what makes you grand is going over 100 miles an hour, with 2 tenders

Spencer: I can go way faster than that.

Fanofthomas31: Which one do you prefer? Bachmann or Tomy?

Molly: I'm a goods engine!

Stephen: And I'm the rocket!

(Stephen zooms off the rails, and lands on one of the Thomas'

Thomas (Face Changing): *grumbles*

Proteus: I'm gonna go somewhere different!

(Proteus jumps and teleports to the High Sky Bridge Jump Set.)

Proteus: Cooool!

Lego Duplo Thomas: Come on, when are we gonna get a video?

Fanofthomas31: Never.

(Fanofthomas31 closes the lid)

Flying Scotsman: Looks like this video just got Derailed!

Proteus: My turn!

(Proteus jumps the bridge and lands perfectly)

Harold: Incurate Harold coming through with a delivery, Oh no!!!

(Harold Crashes)

Lightning: Why him he was accurate as me!

Fanofthomas31: Neville raced down the track as fast as he could

(Camera tumbles, showing some of Fanofthomas31's body, he covers the camera after)

Thomas: And that kids, is what happens when you try to make a funny video.

(One of the Thomas' fling as a string was attached to him)

(Video Ends)