Detrick is a tenderless D51 who works on the Super Station.

Detrick usually practices his skills for being a passenger train, traveling at different locations, including the Super Station. He usually thinks he's always busy, and has no time to stop and talk.

Detrick's History Edit

One Time, Fanofthomas31 was looking for a 2003 Wooden Railway Bill since he already had a 2003 Wooden Railway Ben. He found a bundle of 3 engines that included a 2003 Wooden Railway Bill on eBay. The Bundle included the 2003 Wooden Railway Bill, a Wooden Railway Oliver, and a Wooden Railway Hiro, but Hiro was missing his tender. But since Fanofthomas31 decided to make Wooden Railway engines small replica of already existing engines, he thought it would be interesting to make Detrick a engine that was planned to have a tender, but didn't get one.

Appearances Edit

  • Island Tales Episode 11: The Super Station
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Island Tales (6,000 Subscriber Special)