BoCo is an mixed traffic diesel engine who works with Edward on his Branch Line.

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BoCo 1st Appeared on Thomas on the Mainland and James on Thomas' Branch Line, as a cameo. BoCo didn't really speak until I was Bored 9 was invented, with BoCo having his 1st Speaking Role. He had a Role in Super Station Adventures Episode 1: Fan Service where he brought in a milk train and got hauled up to the roof of the Super Station by Connie. He got out of "Time-out" later in I was Bored 10, which he escapes the Super Station and almost hits Zoey. After that, he never appeared until Island Tales Episode 10: Tourist Train Trouble came. BoCo was shown hauling a goods train when Dexter zooms by him.

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  • When BoCo gets sent up to the roof of the Super Station, he stayed there for a total of 1 Month, 1 Week, and 6 days, which is alot longer that what Thomas promised.